OpenAI’s board may have been right to fire Sam Altman — and to rehire him, too

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Sam Altman, the poster boy for AI, was ousted from his company OpenAI. | Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images The alternative — a mass exodus of OpenAI’s top talent to Microsoft — would have been worse. The seismic shake-up at OpenAI — involving the firing and, ultimately, […]

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The secrets Google spilled in court

Google’s New York City office. | Spencer Platt/Getty Images What we learned (and didn’t learn) from the big Google antitrust trial. The Google search antitrust trial is expected to wrap up by Thanksgiving. And while we’ll have to wait until next year for a verdict, […]

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Google is the default search engine. The big antitrust trial finally revealed how much that costs the company.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai leaves the court after testifying in his company’s defense on October 30, 2023. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images Which search engine do you use, and why is it Google? A judge will soon decide. The first big trial of the modern Big […]

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Call of Duty will stay on PlayStation if Microsoft and Activision merge

Microsoft may soon become Activision’s new owner. | Eric Thayer/Bloomberg via Getty Images Microsoft now owns Activision Blizzard, after dodging roadblocks from several government agencies around the world. Editor’s note, October 13, 11:10 am ET: After finally winning approval from British regulators, Microsoft has closed […]

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We’re in a new Gilded Age. What did we learn from the last one?

An 1882 color lithograph shows American railroad entrepreneurs carving up the United States as European royalty watch from across the Atlantic Ocean. | Frederick Burr Opper/Stock Montage/Getty Images Former FCC chair Tom Wheeler has a few ideas for how to regulate the “Digital Gilded Age.” […]

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Has Apple Pay made it too easy to spend money?

Apple Pay leads the tap-to-pay market, which has exploded in popularity in the last few years. | Jeff Chiu/AP Tap-to-pay makes spending money fun, easy, and virtually invisible. Apple released iOS 17 on September 18 and now that the new operating system is here, you […]

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Apple has an AirPod repair problem

Paige Vickers / Vox California’s new Right to Repair Act can’t magically make Apple’s popular earbuds good for the environment. On September 12, California’s State Assembly approved the Right to Repair Act. Once it’s signed into law by Gov. Gavin Newsom, makers of consumer electronics […]

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Elizabeth Warren created a federal agency once. Can she do it again?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Digital Consumer Protection Commission Act would create a new agency dedicated to regulating Big Tech. | Al Drago/Bloomberg via Getty Images The Massachusetts senator explains why we need an FCC for Big Tech. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Sen. […]

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Silicon Valley’s vision for AI? It’s religion, repackaged.

Asya Demidova for Vox It’s no accident — the intertwining of religion and technology is centuries old. Suppose I told you that in 10 years, the world as you know it will be over. You will live in a sort of paradise. You won’t get […]

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Why in the world are Elon and Zuck planning to punch each other?

Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Elon Musk have teased on social media this week that they’re willing to enter a cage fight. | Mandel Ngan and Alain Jocard/AFP via Getty Images Maybe they’re not? The boys are fighting. Or aren’t they? By “boys,” […]

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